E2P IT Consulting

Why can't business and technology work together?

According to leading independent IT research firm Gartner Group, nearly 90% of all small businesses are not getting the full value out of their existing IT investments. Nearly half of those have spent money to secure technology functionality they already owned! E2P has worked with small and medium sized businesses non-profit organizations around the region, and we quickly discovered a need to assist these organizations get the most out of there technology investment. From choosing software solutions to securing networks, E2P IT’s team of professionals bring extensive experience in all size organizations to the small market space. Reach your customers where they are, and on their terms.

Areas of expertise and experience include:

E2P Signature Value

  • Results-Driven Technical Leadership. Proven track record for improved system reliability, staff and customer satisfaction, developing and restructuring technology teams, and enhancing enterprise profitability thru innovation.

  • Creative Vendor Partnerships. Builds on a strong technology and infrastructure background, intently challenging vendors to perform at higher levels with current technology by understanding vendor’s needs and identifying true mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.

  • Analytical Problem Solving. Researching efforts to determine essential issues, innovating strategic plans to correct immediate problems, and proactively establishing long and short-tem plans to accomplish enterprise objectives.

  • Strategic Team Building. Locate underutilized talent internally and available in the market place, develop staff quickly and effectively to meet upcoming needs, and motivate staff to continuously outperform expectations.

  • Delivers Cost Effective Reliability. Effectively balance the cost/benefit relationship of disaster recovery, redundancy, and risk management.

  • Legally Astute. Experienced in contract law, contract negotiations, contract enforcement, and legal compliance issues, including HIPAA, SOX, and CFR-21

  • Creative and Effective Communication. Accomplished and experienced public speaker and author, recently published by CIO magazine.

E2P IT Success Stories

  • Successful delivery of 18 month, $2.0mm data center project on budget and within timeline constraints.

  • Developed New Telecom Product Line. Understood vendor’s product lines and competitive marketplace, identified an opportunity to create a product to meet existing need which vendor (nor competitors) did not yet offer, which resulted in 40% annual savings in telecom Budget.

  • Aligned CRM and ERP to automated Supply and Demand Forecasting. Aligned CRM and ERP projects, provided facilities department with vehicle to trim inventory levels by 15% on the highest cost-per-encounter items, trimming 27% of stocking and supply costs.

  • Created Real Time Enterprise “Dashboard” reporting. Converted monthly reporting process into near real-time dashboard report allowing management to see with practice performance with daily granularity to effect more timely management decisions.

  • Developed Enterprise Peer-to-Peer VOIP Bridge. Extended existing VOIP technology to create an Enterprise level P2P voice solution, allowing enterprise to communicate more effectively and efficiently with strategic partners, regardless of location or distance.

  • Saved 1 Million Dollars in One Week. Analyzed vendor contracts and identified significant under performance. Quickly negotiated corrective action and credit for undelivered service, saving $174,000 annually over the life of a 5 year contract, eliminated the need for additional service annual cost of $22,000